1 Liability : Shellshock Music cannot be responsible for malfunction of your equipment due to the use of any of our MP3's or CD's. Due to the nature of Digital downloads we are unable to accept any MP3 tracks returned for credit or exchange unless supplied in error by Shellshock Music. All goods are checked before leaving our premises, if however goods arrive damaged in any way, we will provide full replacements if proved to be our negligence. We are unable to rectify any discrepancies to orders unless reported to us within 14 working days of receipt. This is in accordance with the 'SALE OF GOODS ACT REGULATIONS' regarding audio and video recordings. However, this does not affect your statutory rights.

2 Titles : listed are followed by the name of the artist usually considered to be most associated with the song.

3 Privacy Policy: Shellshock Music may from time to time send relevant information through e-mail. We do not share e-mail addresses with any third party. You may request removal at any time. This complies with the Data Protection Act. We reserve the right to modify our terms and conditions at any time, and will post all modifications on our terms and conditions section of the site.

4 The Artistes: are in no way associated with Shellshock Music All artiste's names are used solely for identification their songs.

6 Song Removal: On occasion, we may have to remove certain songs from our catalogue. This is done at our discretion.

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8 MP3s and CD Tracks: We pay MCPRS fees on all tracks that are sold. As a result all recorded works by Shellshock Music are subject to MCPRS fees. Special Licenses can be issued to anyone wishing to record MP3's for demos or any other application.

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